Dione Orrom


Dione Orrom is one of the most accomplished live event and concert film producers in the world.

Highly experienced & knowledgeable, Dione’s expertise spans multiple genres, Live TV, Outside Broadcast, Theatre, Live Cinema, Feature Films, Comedy, The Arts, Motoring, Corporate, Branded Content & Online Entertainment.

Dione has a reputation for tackling the most complex live shows, delivering to an exceptionally high standard, on budget, on time.

A strong, adaptable, reliable and tenacious producer, Dione has a diverse background and is comfortable working in a fast-paced live gallery or producing on location in any environment.

Dione will bring fantastic organisation, creativity, a cool head and a smile to any production with her strong track record for filming all over the world with high profile Talent and large crews.

Dione Specializes in live to cinema concerts and theatrical performances, Producing the hugely successful Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary, Billy Elliot The Musical, Miss Saigon, 25th Anniversary of Les Miserable, Muse Live In Rome in 4k and more recently David Gilmour’s Live in Pompeii also in 4k.

Dione also Produced two seasons for the English National Opera which featured The Pirates of Penzance and Carmen.

Dione’s Long Form and Live Broadcast credits on numerous quality productions include Adele, Cher, Tina Turner, Rolling Stones, U2, AC/DC, Muse, Pink, Mandela’s 90th Birthday, Mandela Day New York and the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon UK.

In addition to these live to air projects Dione has Produced feature films, Spice World, Highlander 3 and the Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Worlds Apart’ in 3D (James Cameron, Andrew Adamson David Mallet).

In recent years Dione has also Produced on line content in the brand event sector, the iconic Jaguar XE and XF launches, F1 London Live, Ford Go Further and Nokia Lumia Live in New York

Awards: Prime Time Emmy for Cher The Farewell Tour and with two further Emmy nominations for films for The Cirque du Soleil and Christmas in Vienna

Dione's Portfolio